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[ironic] [tripleo] IPA images without RPM and YUM/DNF?

(adding TripleO because of potential effect)

Hi all,

I'm working on making ironic-python-agent images smaller than they
currently are. The proposed patches already reduce the default image (as
built by IPA-builder) size from around 420 MiB to around 380 MiB.

My next idea is to get rid of RPM and YUM databases (in case of a
CentOS/RHEL image). They amount for nearly 100 MiB of the uncompressed
$ du -sh var/lib/rpm
91M var/lib/rpm
$ du -sh var/lib/yum
6.6M var/lib/yum

How important for anyone is the ability to install/inspect packages inside
a ramdisk?

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