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[watcher][nova] Thesis on improving Watcher and collaborating with OpenStack community

On 10/11/2019 1:52 AM, info at dantalion.nl wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am a Dutch student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
> (AUAS) and have recently finished my thesis. My thesis was written on
> improvements that were made to OpenStack Watcher between February and
> Juli of 2019. Specifically, many of these improvements were written to
> aid CERN in deploying Watcher. In addition, the thesis describes methods
> of collaboration and engaging in communities as well as evaluating
> strengths and weaknesses of communties.
> Since the thesis primarily resolves around OpenStack I would like to
> share it with the community as well. Please find the thesis attached to
> this email.
> Any feedback, remarks, future advice or other responses are appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Corne Lukken (Dantali0n)

Thanks for sharing these results Corne, looks great.

I've added the [nova] tag to the subject line to sub-thread this just 
for awareness to nova developers. Section 8 should be interesting for 
nova developers to see how simple client-side optimizations can be done 
to improve performance when working with the compute API. The 
particularly interesting one to me is the regression fix to not use 
limit=-1 in novaclient when listing servers but specify a hard limit to 
avoid extra API calls to list servers.

Personally I enjoyed this little short-term side project working with 
the Watcher team on improving the performance of Watcher's nova data 
model builder code. Thanks to the Watcher team for welcoming my