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[release][ptl] RC1 Deadline Approaching

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that we are hours away from the end of the planned RC1 deadline. There are still quite a few projects that have not done an RC yet.

We really could use everyone's help to make this go smoothly. JP was able to generate a set of RC patches for all projects. They can be found here:


If you are ready for the RC release, please indicate so by leaving a +1 on the patch so the release team knows it is safe to go ahead with processing the release request.

If you are still trying to get some last minute things through the gate, it would also help us if you left a -1 on the release patch with any comments that can help us gauge how long we need to wait yet to do the release.

Of course, if you are ready but there have been commits merged since the autogeneration of the patch, please update it with the right commit hash to use. The release, and the stable/train branch, will be created off of this point.

One final thing to keep in mind - this is just the initial RC for train. We have a couple weeks to do an RC2 (or even RC3 if needed) so if you are waiting on a few nice to have bugfixes, it is still possible to get those in even if it looks like they will take a little longer. But also keep in mind that with the stable/train branch creation on RC1, those would also need to be backported after merging to master (ussuri) at this point.

Thanks for your help as we try to get the train out.