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[Infra] [Stable] [Trove] Request membership in trove-stable-maint

On 9/26/2019 4:57 AM, Lingxian Kong wrote:
> Could anyone who has the permission add me (Lingxian Kong
> anlin.kong at gmail.com <mailto:anlin.kong at gmail.com>) to the 
> trove-stable-maint group in Gerrit so that
> I can merge patches for Trove stable/train? No one in the
> trove-stable-maint group is active now for Trove, I'm currently the only
> person who maintains Trove project(e.g. fix CI, complete community goal,
> add CI job to build trove guest image, etc.).

Done [1]. I know this came up in April [2] and if you're still at it I 
trust you to be the sole trove stable maintainer (it sounds like you are 

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/admin/groups/543,members