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[tc] Weekly update

Hello my friends, 

Here's what need attention for the OpenStack TC this week.

1. We should ensure we have two TC members focusing on next cycle goal
selection process. As far as I know, there is no one assigned to this
yet. And that's _very important_.

2. Jimmy McArthur sent us the results of the OpenStack User survey on
the ML [1]. We currently haven't analyzed the information yet.
Any volunteer to analyse the information (in order to extract action
items) is welcomed. It would be great if we could discuss this at our
next official meeting.

3. Our next meeting date needs to be decided (same time as usual).
e use the framadate here [2].

4. Our next meeting agenda needs clarifications. It would be great if
you could update the wiki [3], so that I can send the invite to the ML.

5. We have a vice-chair candidate, Rico. It would be awesome if you
could cast a vote on this nomination, if you didn't vote on it yet[4].

6. There are plenty of patches that are waiting for your opinion.  Have
a look at [5] to [10] for example :)

7. We may have multiple patches with too many dissenting votes. I will
abandon them if nobody is against that (pun intended).

Thank you everyone!

Jean-Philippe Evrard (evrardjp)

[2]: https://framadate.org/6zASzWzX4ejkr4ae
[4]: https://review.opendev.org/684262
[5]: https://review.opendev.org/681203
[6]: https://review.opendev.org/681260 
[7]: https://review.opendev.org/681480
[8]: https://review.opendev.org/681924
[9]: https://review.opendev.org/680985
[10]: https://review.opendev.org/682380