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[keystone] Ussuri Virtual PTGs

Hi team,

As we've discussed in IRC and at the virtual midcycle, we'll be holding two virtual planning meetings in place of meeting in-person at the PTG in Shanghai. We'll hold one before the real event in order to prepare for the Forum, and one following it in order to disseminate information and recalibrate. I've drawn up a straw man agenda and proposed meeting dates/times in our brainstorming etherpad:


The proposal is to have the pre-PTG on Tuesday, October 29 at 14:00 UTC and the post-PTG on Tuesday, November 12 at 15:00 UTC.

(Every time I send a scheduling poll we usually settle on Tuesday mornings anyway so I'm just cutting to the chase.)

Please speak up if you want to attend but the proposed dates or times do not work for you, we still have plenty of time to play with the schedule. If no one voices concerns by Tuesday, October 8 we'll consider the dates final.

The agenda and topics are also open for feedback and additional topic suggestions are still welcome.

We'll plan on using jitsi.org as our conference tool but can fall back to gotomeeting if necessary.