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[dev] [glance] proposal for S3 store driver re-support as galnce_store backend

Hello, Brian

Thanks for the reply.

> From what I've heard, there's a revival of interest in the S3 driver, so
> it's great that you've decided to work on it. You've missed the Train
> for this cycle, however, (sorry, I couldn't resist) as the final release
> for nonclient libraries was last week.

> The easiest way to discuss getting S3 support into Usurri would be at
> the weekly Glance meeting on Thursdays at 1400 UTC. 

I realize that it was not in time for the Train cycle.
Towards S3 support in the Usurri cycle I would like to discuss about this 
and propose spec or spec-lite.
I also want to maintain the S3 driver.

Fortunately, the weekly Glance meeting is held at a time that can participate in my time zone.
So, I'm interested in participating, but what should I prepare in advance?
(spec or spec lite?, code?, ...)

Could you give me some advice about this?



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