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[i18n][mogan][neutron][swift][tc][valet] Cleaning up IRC logging for defunct channels

Freenode imposes a hard limit of 120 simultaneously joined channels
for any single account. We've once again reached that limit with our
channel-logging meetbot. As a quick measure, I've proposed a bit of
cleanup: https://review.opendev.org/682500

Analysis of IRC channel logs indicates the following have seen 5 or
fewer non-bot comments posted in the past 12 months and are likely
of no value to continue logging:

    5 #openstack-vpnaas
    2 #swift3
    2 #openstack-ko
    1 #openstack-deployment
    1 #midonet
    0 #openstack-valet
    0 #openstack-swg
    0 #openstack-mogan

Please let me know either here on the ML or with a comment on the
review linked above if you have a reason to continue logging any of
these channels. I'd like to merge it later this week if possible.
Jeremy Stanley
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