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[cloudkitty] 13/09 meeting summary

Hi everyone,

This is the recap of the cloudkitty team IRC meeting that happened on 
13/09. The logs can be found at [1].

All features patches we wanted to integrate have been merged for the 
feature freeze dealine. An experimental v2 storage driver for 
Elasticsearch has also been merged.

Concerning the community goals: python3-first has been implemented 
early, however we're late for PDF docs generation, as we've got several 
issues when trying to generate PDF documentation, especially with tabs. 
A patch for cloudkitty has been proposed today [2]. Patches for the 
client and specs repos are to be done. They're our current top priority.

 From now on, the IRC meeting will be held twice every month, on the 
first and third monday at 14h UTC. This means that the next meeting will 
happen on october 7th. We plan to send a recap to this mailing list for 
each meeting.

For the U cycle, we'd like to use storyboard a lot more. For now, it's 
been used for features and major bugs only, but we'll use it for every 
non-trivial patch from now on.

Our temporary roadmap for U is the following:

* Design and implement a new rating module.

* Support time-based grouping in the /v2/summary endpoint. This would 
allow to easily create charts with cloudkitty's API.

* [To be discussed] Stop differenciating "groupby" and "metadata" 
attributes, as these seem to be confusing for admins.

* Port as many v1 API endpoints as possible to v2.

Best regards,

Luka Peschke (peschk_l)

[2] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/682364/