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[tripleo] Deprecating paunch CLI?

On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 7:22 AM Rabi Mishra <ramishra at redhat.com> wrote:

> Why not use ansible podman/docker modules (though I don't know how good
> they are atm) directly form ansible tasks?

Paunch is a tool for defining and running TripleO containers. Paunch
consumes JSON files to configure the containers and the Paunch runs makes
the abstraction between the stable configuration into the container api
(compose or podman for now).
There is quite a bunch of logic in Paunch that, imho would make take some
time to convert to Ansible playbooks/modules, specially around resiliency.
Not saying it's impossible, but I would rather be interested in having
TripleO generating the container config, and the container tool consuming
it and directly managing the containers without something like Paunch.
This doesn't exist with Podman as far as I know.
We have investigated the usage of Kubelet running on localhost, where
TripleO would generate yaml files working with k8s API, it worked ok'ish
for our containers but the major issue we encountered is that this solution
isn't supported by Red Hat.
So... it seems like we still need something like Paunch for now, and we can
maybe investigate making the podman-ansible module more robust to sustain
our needs in TripleO

> Also, why deprecate the cli? As many others mentioned, lot of us use it
> for debugging.

Based on the answers so far, it's pretty clear we won't touch this command.
As for the "paunch apply", we'll see, if the Ansible replacement works for
everyone, then we might deprecate it in Paunch but not the debug command
for sure.

Emilien Macchi
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