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[kolla] State of ppc64le support

About 2.5 years ago I added AArch64 (64-bit ARM) architecture support to
Kolla project. Side effect of that work was adding ppc64le (64-bit
Power, Little Endian) support.

Time passed, from time to time someone jumped to the irc channel and
said that they use it. No one in core team spent much time on supporting
it as it was outside of our interest.

>From time to time I was reserving Power machine in Red Hat to do build
and check how we are with ppc64le support. This week I did that again.

>From 3 distributions we target only Debian/source combo was buildable.

CentOS builds lack 'rabbitmq' 3.7.10 (we use external repo) and
'gnocchi' binary images are not buildable due to lack of some packages
(issue already reported to CentOS by TripleO team).

Ubuntu builds lack MariaDB 10.3 because upstream repo is broken.
Packages index is provided for 'ppc64le' but no packages so we get 404

Due to all those issues and fact that there are no users of ppc64le
Kolla containers I want to drop support for it in this cycle. Any