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[release] Release countdown for week R-4, September 16-20

Development Focus

We just passed feature freeze! Until release branches are cut, you should stop
accepting featureful changes to deliverables following the cycle-with-rc
release model, or to libraries. Exceptions should be discussed on separate
threads on the mailing-list, and approved by the team's PTL.

Focus should be on finding and fixing release-critical bugs, so that release
candidates and final versions of the Train deliverables can be proposed, well
ahead of the final Train release date.

General Information

We are still finishing up processing a few release requests, but the Train
release requirements are now frozen. If new library releases are needed to fix
release-critical bugs in Train, you must request a Feature Freeze Exception
(FFE) from the requirements team before we can do a new release to avoid having
something released in Train that is not actually usable. This is done by
posting to the openstack-discuss mailing list with a subject line similar to:

        [$PROJECT][requirements] FFE requested for $PROJECT_LIB

Include justification/reasoning for why a FFE is needed for this lib. If/when
the requirements team OKs the post-freeze update, we can then process a new

A soft String freeze is now in effect, in order to let the I18N team do the
translation work in good conditions. In Horizon and the various dashboard
plugins, you should stop accepting changes that modify user-visible strings.
Exceptions should be discussed on the mailing-list. By September 26 this will
become a hard string freeze, with no changes in user-visible strings allowed.


stable/train branches should be created soon for all not-already-branched
libraries. You should expect 2-3 changes to be proposed for each: a .gitreview
update, a reno update (skipped for projects not using reno), and a tox.ini
constraints URL update. Please review those in priority so that the branch can
be functional ASAP.

The Prelude section of reno release notes is rendered as the top level overview
for the release. Any important overall messaging for Train changes should be
added there to make sure the consumers of your release notes see them.

Finally, if you haven't proposed Train cycle-highlights yet, you are already
late to the party. Please see
for details.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

RC1 deadline: September 26 (R-3 week)
Final RC deadline: October 10 (R-1 week)
Final Train release: October 16
Forum+PTG at Shanghai summit: November 4