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[nova] Deprecating the XenAPI driver

On 9/12/2019 11:11 AM, James Benson wrote:
> I am currently working on trying to deploy Xen OpenStack.  Currently I 
> have been trying to get it working on Rocky with Xen6.0 and will code 
> fix for Stein/Train as well if possible. Trying to get a working 
> solution with Rocky then will patch up the line. I have reached out to 
> the last person who submitted a bug fix in Xen (with no response), but I 
> am actively trying to get this working.  Unfortunately it is a one-man 
> job, so it is taking a lot of time. Currently facing issues with Nova 
> and Neutron.

Thanks for letting us know you're trying to get nova working with the 
xenapi driver James. The last time there was sustained effort on that 
driver was in Rocky so I would not be surprised if there are issues in 
Stein or Train. If you have fixes please contribute them upstream. 
However, I think we should still move forward with deprecation of the 
driver as a clear indication of the lack of maintainers on the driver. 
If that changes in the Ussuri release we have the option to undeprecate 
but I think it's important to clearly signal the state of maintenance 
for parts of nova so people don't start using them just to find out 
later they'll be in a bad state (which you might have already found out).