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[openstack-ansible] office hours update

Hi everyone,

Hereâ??s the update of what happened in this weekâ??s OpenStack Ansible
Office Hours.

We finished installing the Python3 for ansible-runtime virtual
environment. We discussed how Centos 7.7 wasnâ??t out yet but we want to
move to Python 3 so weâ??ll start using the CR repository.

The placement extract and upgrade jobs are in progress.

We clarified the whole definition around freezing a milestone and
features and what it implies. The roles for Train milestones were
frozen. Weâ??ll wait for Python3, placement and bind-to-mgmt before
proposing the milestone.

Galera is still having issues and weâ??re having trouble understanding
and fixing them but it has something to do with listening to

We tested Ansible 2.9 and are trying to figure out if we want to use
it for Train.

Weâ??re having issues with bumping up os-vif for Stein because they seem
to be only for testing according to OpenStack Requirements. We talked
about maybe using the in-repository local constraints or creating a
tag, but we donâ??t think they can be bumped.  It seems later that it
was clarified that we can do that, and os-vif made a new release today
so we can check it out.

Finally, we discussed a journal logging error on Stein. Thereâ??s a case
of python-systemd missing for logging.



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