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[election][tc] Candidacy for TC

Hello Everyone,

Some of you I've known for years; others are reading this and wondering who
I am. While I may not know everyone in our ever-expanding community, I'd
love the opportunity to get to know more of you, and I'd be honored to
represent this community as a member of the TC. At this time, I would like
to (re)introduce myself[6] and announce my candidacy for the upcoming TC

A bit about me and why OpenStack is where my heart is. I have had the
pleasure of working with OpenStack since 2012 and on OpenStack since 2013.
My contributions to the community have not focused on core services, so I'm
sure I've never crossed paths with a lot of folks reading this. However,
I've spent considerable time working on the deployment, operations, and
scale components of OpenStack. I got my start in OpenStack as an
administrator of public clouds in 2012. I transitioned to Private Clouds in
2013. I had the pleasure to join a system engineering and the development
team; focused on platform operations and deployments. It was through my
time in the Private Cloud where when I began working on tooling that would
eventually become the OpenStack-Ansible project. I was PTL of
OpenStack-Ansible from its inception[2] until Liberty. I remained a core
reviewer with the project, continuing to work on every facet of the
tooling, until very recently.  In 2015, at the Vancouver OpenStack summit,
the simple OpenStack initiative was announced[5]. I took an active role in
this effort as it aimed to promote better cross-community collaboration in
a time where folks were somewhat siloed. While this particular effort never
really took off, it establishes credibility in trying to work with people
not necessarily focused on OpenStack. In my opinion, the simple OpenStack
initiative was a success as it helped pave the way to future relationships
while also serving as a precursor to other efforts just now starting (e.g.,
the Ansible-SIG[4]). This year, my journey charted a slightly new course.
In mid-2019, I put on a Red fedora and have begun working on TripleO. I
joined an incredible team within the Deployment Framework, and I'm looking
forward to the new challenges ahead of me as I dive deeper into developing
cloud tooling for the enterprise. Rest assured, I'm still working on
OpenStack, I'm still trying to build a more perfect cloud, and I'm still in
love with our community.

So now that you know a little bit about me, I bet your reading this and
wondering, why I'm running for the TC. To put it simply, I believe my
experience running, building, and developing both public and private clouds
puts me in a position to add a distinct voice to the TC.  As a member of
the TC, I would like to partner with everyone interested to help build a
better, more engaged, fraternity of Stackers. I also think we can do more
cross-project (cross-community) collaboration. We've done some fantastic
work in this space, and I'd like to take up this mantle to continue our
collaborative march to success.

OpenStack has been a tremendous community to be involved with. My success
as an individual is directly tied to the community, and if elected to the
TC, it would be my honor to give back to the community in this new
capacity. I will focus on bringing different points of view to the table. I
will concentrate on collaboration. I will reach out to new and old projects
alike. I will work tirelessly to assist anyone who requests my help.
Finally, while it goes without saying, I will do everything I can to
promote OpenStack's future success.

Thank you for your consideration.


Kevin Carter
IRC: Cloudnull

https://www.stackalytics.com/?metric=commits&release=all&module=openstackansible-group&user_id=kevin.carter at rackspace.com
[4] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/676428/1/sigs.yaml
[5] https://www.ansible.com/blog/simple-openstack
[6] https://www.openstack.org/community/speakers/profile/758/kevin-carter
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