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[blazar][election][ptl] PTL candidacy for Ussuri


I would like to submit my candidacy to serve as PTL of Blazar for the
Ussuri release cycle. I served as PTL during the Stein and Train
cycles and I am willing to continue in this role.

The Train release cycle has been less active than previous ones, with
core contributors being less available due to other commitments. To
keep the project healthy, it is essential that we grow our community
further. As an example, we started running an additional IRC meeting
in a timezone compatible with the Americas, which has proved helpful
with getting more people involved in the community. I would like to
continue this effort in the upcoming cycle, release all the new
features that are currently in progress, and work together to fix the
main issues that are blocking further adoption of Blazar.

Thank you for your support,
Pierre Riteau (priteau)