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[QA][nova][Concurrent performance]


> on 2019/9/2 16:54, å´?æ??é¦? wrote:
> The port_security function is disabled.But in the S version environment,
> adding a lot of flows on br-int. Does this slow down the creation of VM?

> why adding flows on S but not equivalent on O?

True,if you want to compared the performance of the Stein and Ocata, you
should keep their configuration as the same, otherwise it's not

> sure too many flows take performance down.

I think you can set the configuration item " vif_plugging_is_fatal=False" [1] 
in the nova-compute.conf, and
then compare the performance of Ocata and Stein version by creating the same
quantity servers. And you can combine with the configuration item "
vif_plugging_timeout" to use.
This way, you can verify if you are creating servers slow because of network.


> regards.

Brin Zhang