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[QA][nova][Concurrent performance]


At 2019-09-02 15:58:00, "Wesley Peng" <weslepeng at gmail.com> wrote:
>on 2019/9/2 15:43, å´?æ??é¦? wrote:
>> Why the performance of Stein concurrent creation of VM is not as good as 
>> that of Ocata?
>> Create 250 VMs concurrently, the O version only needs 160s, but the S 
>> version needs 250s.
>Openstack's execution environment is complicated.
>It's hard to say O is faster than S from the architecture viewpoint.
>Are you sure two systems' running environment are totally the same for 
>comparision? including the software, hardware, network connection etc.

The same set of servers, after testing version O, re-install the system, and then test version S.
First deployed version O, the operating system is Ubuntu 16.04.
Then deploy the version S, the operating system is ubuntu18.04.

The port_security function is disabled.But in the S version environment, adding a lot of flows on br-int. Does this slow down the creation of VM?

The flows is as follows:(for port qvo83b4285e-b5)
cookie=0x9ca1d4c6ecdcb31f, duration=257335.826s, table=0, n_packets=0, n_bytes=0, priority=10,icmp6,in_port="qvo83b4285e-b5",icmp_type=136 actions=resubmit(,24)
cookie=0x9ca1d4c6ecdcb31f, duration=257335.823s, table=0, n_packets=19, n_bytes=798, priority=10,arp,in_port="qvo83b4285e-b5" actions=resubmit(,24)
cookie=0x9ca1d4c6ecdcb31f, duration=257335.831s, table=0, n_packets=95, n_bytes=10680, priority=9,in_port="qvo83b4285e-b5" actions=resubmit(,25)
cookie=0x9ca1d4c6ecdcb31f, duration=257335.829s, table=24, n_packets=0, n_bytes=0, priority=2,icmp6,in_port="qvo83b4285e-b5",icmp_type=136,nd_target=fe80::f816:3eff:fe39:1601 actions=resubmit(,60)
cookie=0x9ca1d4c6ecdcb31f, duration=257335.826s, table=24, n_packets=19, n_bytes=798, priority=2,arp,in_port="qvo83b4285e-b5",arp_spa= actions=resubmit(,25)
cookie=0x9ca1d4c6ecdcb31f, duration=257335.841s, table=25, n_packets=114, n_bytes=11478, priority=2,in_port="qvo83b4285e-b5",dl_src=fa:16:3e:39:16:01 actions=resubmit(,60)

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