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[nova] Status of the bp support-move-ops-with-qos-ports

On 8/29/2019 11:09 AM, Matt Riedemann wrote:
>> One possible complication in the current patch series is that it 
>> proposes the necessary RPC changes for _every_ move operations [3]. 
>> This might not be what we want to merge in Train if only cold migrate 
>> and resize support fill fit. So I see two possible way forwards:
>> a) Others also feel that cold migrate and resize will fit into Train, 
>> and then I will quickly change [3] to only modify those RPCs.
>> b) We agree to postpone the whole series to U. Then I will not spend 
>> too much time on reworking [3] in the Train timeframe.
> Or (c) we just land that change. I was meaning to review that today 
> anyway so this email is coincidental for me. I think passing the request 
> spec down to the compute methods is fine and something we'll want to do 
> eventually anyway for this series (even if the live migration stuff is 
> deferred to U).

I'm +2 on that change now.

>> A connected topic: I proposed patches [4] to add cold migrate and 
>> resize tempest coverage to the nova-grenade-multinode (renamed from 
>> nova-grenade-live-migrate) job as Matt pointed out in [3] that we 
>> don't have such coverage and that my original change in [3] would have 
>> broken a mixed-compute-version deployment.
> I'm just waiting on CI results for those but since I've already been 
> through them in some form and they are pretty small I think there is a 
> good chance of landing these soon.

These CI changes are approved and I've rebased the series on top of them.