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[Openstack][Swift] : Swift file-storage allocation policy

Hi all,

I have the following questions regarding the file allocation policy in
Openstack Swift:

1. Are the uploaded files/objects mapped to partitions solely based on the
name by hashing? Is there any way that I could force a particular file to
reside on a particular disk?
2. How are the partitions mapped to disks? Is there any way that I could
force a particular partition to reside on a particular disk?
3. Are the sizes of all partitions the same? (I am aware that a partition
is a virtual concept but I am interested in whether a limit is placed on
how many files are assigned to a particular partition )

I am asking the above questions as I have a few files which are accessed
very frequently and would like them to reside on one of the SSDs that we
have. Does OpenStack Swift internally provide this option? If not how does
Swift accommodate for such SLA bound requirements without violating the
concept of partitions?

 It would be of great help if you could explain the internal working of
swift with respect to this scenario.

Sai Vishwas Padigi
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