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[release] Release countdown for week R-6, September 2-6

Development Focus

Work on libraries should be wrapping up, in preparation for the various
library-related deadlines coming up. Now is a good time to make decisions on
deferring feature work to the next development cycle in order to be able to
focus on finishing already-started feature work.

General Information

We are now getting close to the end of the cycle, and will be gradually
freezing feature work on the various deliverables that make up the OpenStack

This coming week is the deadline for general libraries (except client
libraries): their last feature release needs to happen before "Non-client
library freeze" on September 05. Only bugfixes releases will be allowed beyond
this point.

When requesting those library releases, you can also include the stable/train
branching request with the review (as an example, see the "branches" section


In the next weeks we will have deadlines for:
* Client libraries (think python-*client libraries), which need to have their
  last feature release before "Client library freeze" (September 12)
* Deliverables following a cycle-with-rc model (that would be most services),
  which observe a Feature freeze on that same date, September 12. Any feature
  addition beyond that date should be discussed on the mailing-list and get PTL

As we are getting to the point of creating stable/train branches, this would be
a good point for teams to review membership in their $project-stable-maint
groups. Once the stable/train branches are cut for a repo, the ability to
approve any necessary backports into those branches for train will be limited
to the members of that stable team. If there are any questions about stable
policy or stable team membership, please each out in the #openstack-stable

Finally, now is also a good time to start planning what highlights you want for
your deliverables in the cycle highlights. The deadline to submit an initial
version for those is set to Feature freeze on September 12.

Background on cycle-highlights:
Project Team Guide, Cycle-Highlights:
knelson [at] openstack.org/diablo_rojo on IRC is available if you need help
selecting or writing your highlights

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Non-client library freeze: September 05 (R-6 week)
Client library freeze: September 12 (R-5 week)
Train-3 milestone (feature freeze): September 12 (R-5 week)
RC1 deadline: September 26 (R-3 week)
Train final release: October 16
Forum+PTG at Shanghai summit: November 4