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[neutron][election] PTL candidacy


I want to propose my candidacy for Neutron PTL.

I have worked with OpenStack since the Havana release, first as a user and operator and later on as an upstream developer mostly focused on Neutron. I was appointed to the Neutron core team in the Queens cycle and joined the Neutron Drivers last September. I participated very actively and led the QoS sub-team and currently lead the project's CI group, focusing on identifying bugs and keeping our gate jobs squeaky clean.

During my involvement with Neutron, I have been employed by an OpenStack operator, OVH, and one of the big distributions, Red Hat. This experience allows me to bring to the project a blend of operational and product development perspective.

I think that my experience uniquely positions me to serve as an effective Neutron PTL.

My priorities to focus on as a PTL are:

* I would like to continue the team effort on merging the ML2/OVS+DVR solution with networking-ovn - it is quite a new initiative, described in https://review.opendev.org/#/c/658414/ which I want to continue in the next cycle. OVN backend in OpenStack scales better than Neutronâ??s current default solution with openvswitch agent. It already have some features which we are missing in core Neutron, like DVR based on OpenFlow, enabling DVR for OVS DPDK. OVN is also becoming more prominent backend in e.g. Kubernetes and is more and more popular with OpenStack operators. I think that we should use this momentum and finally include OVN as one of in-tree backends in Neutron, and consider it as a default at some future point.

* Improve overall stability of our CI - we already did a lot of improvements in this area but I think that we must continue the effort in order to provide developers a great overall experience and the highest possible speed when working on new features.

* Improve test coverage for existing features - this is very important to avoid regressions and find bugs in existing features. Stability of existing Neutron features is very important for users and operators and we, as developers should focus on this maybe even more than on providing new features.

* Finish the transition to the new engine facade - it is a long standing blueprint already and we should focus to finally finish this transition and use the new engine facade everywhere in Neutron.

* Improve stability of Neutron when it is running under uWSGI - since a couple of cycles ago we have the possibility to run Neutron in this way but it is not the default yet. We have some CI jobs to test Neuton in this configuration but those jobs are non-voting and quite unstable still. So I would like to make those jobs more stable and voting.

I think that Miguel did a great job in the last four cycles as Neutronâ??s PTL and I would like to continue his work and his way of managing the team, like e.g. mentoring potential new core reviewers. I think that currently we have a pretty stable and good team, with quite enough number of cores so my goal is to keep it in good shape. Helping onboard new contributors is critical to the growth and success of our community and will be a priority during my tenure.

Slawek Kaplonski
Senior software engineer
Red Hat