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[neutron][ovn] networking-ovn plugin support for multiple remote ovsdb-server

Hi All,

I have testing OpenStack (Queens Version) with OVN and works, but when I
want to cluster the ovsdb-server, OpenStack stuck to create neutron object.

based on my discussion in openvswitch mailing list (
my ovsdb-server clustering databases are working. Is networking-ovn support
to connect to multiple ovsdb-server?

something like this in ml2_conf.ini
ovn_nb_connection = tcp:,tcp:,tcp:
ovn_sb_connection = tcp:,tcp:,tcp:

ovn_sb_connection = tcp:,tcp:,tcp:

Below is the full step to create ovsdb-server and neutron services.
- step 1: bootstrapping ovsdb-server cluster :
- step 2: creating neutron service in controller :
- step 3: creating neutron service in compute :

But when I try to create neutron resource, Its always hang (only neutron

This is the full logs of all nodes, contain:
- all openvswitch logs
- port (via netstat)
- step bootstraping ovsdb-server

Neutron logs in controller0: paste.openstack.org/show/766462/

Is networking-ovn support to connect to multiple ovsdb-server?

Best Regards,
Zufar Dhiyaulhaq
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