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[all] [tc] [osc] [glance] [train] [ptls] Legacy client CLI to OSC review 639376

On 8/23/2019 6:50 AM, Alexandra Settle wrote:
> I have abandonedhttps://review.opendev.org/#/c/639376/  due to the lack
> of response on the review itself, and this email thread.
> All discussion regarding the legacy CLI client and OSC to please be
> constructed through this thread.
> As part of step 2 of my outlined plan below, I'd be looking for someone
> with particular interest in the transition of legacy CLI and OSC to
> step forward and help start a pop-up group.

Just FYI, I've submitted a project idea for working on closing compute 
API feature gaps in this university student/mentor program:


I think next steps are the professors compile the submissions and then 
they get ranked/voted on which students want to work on which projects, 
so no idea if anyone will want to work on this (nor do I have a public 
posting of the project idea I submitted since it was just a google 
form), but if it's selected then we'll have some new contributors to 
help push the buttons. That doesn't mean I'm signing up for legacy CLI 
-> OSC pop up SIG WG ballyhoo, just that I did a thing.