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[ptl][tripleo][election] PTL Candidacy


I would like to nominate myself for the TripleO PTL role for the U cycle.

I have been working closely with several previous PTL's like Alex, Emilien
and Juan Osorio and I am hoping to contribute back to the community as a
PTL while following their excellent example.

I would like to see Tripleo continue focusing

on simplification and improving the user experience.  Specifically continue
the path set in previous TripleO cycles.


   Push forward with tripleo-ansible and the transformation squad.

   Work with the newly formed ansible sig group.

   Help continue to simplify the stack of components where possible.

   Help with new features like the undercloud minion node.

   Continue to support the wider adoption of the Tripleo Single Node
   deployment as a development and test tool.

   Continue the great work being done to clean up logging and error
   handling to improve operators ability to troubleshoot their installations.

Thank you for the opportunity!


Wes Hayutin

irc: weshay
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