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[requirements][placement] orjson instead of stdlib json

On 2019-08-28 09:47:22 +0100 (+0100), Chris Dent wrote:
> Otherwise it's fine: active, Apache2 or MIT license.
> Thoughts?
> [1] https://pypi.org/project/orjson/

One thing worth noting is that they don't publish an sdist to PyPI,
only wheels: https://pypi.org/project/orjson/#files

This means that when I try to install it into a venv created with my
local build of Python v3.8.0b3 it fails to find any installable
orjson because there's no fallback on PyPI beyond the Python
releases and platforms for which they've explicitly produced wheels.

There's https://github.com/ijl/orjson/issues/18 open for over two
months requesting wheels for Python 3.8, but it's going to be a
treadmill if they're not also publishing an sdist. It's further a
potential license concern, since they're not publishing the source
code alongside the wheels (so if for example the upstream Git
repository goes away...). The official Python Packaging Guide notes
that sdist publication is strongly recommended, and that publishing
wheels in addition to that is optional:


If this is a library you care about using, it may make sense to
attempt to make these points to its maintainer(s).
Jeremy Stanley
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