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[designate][ptl][elections] Non Candidacy for U cycle

Hi All,

As I laid out in my Train nomination[1], Train was my last cycle as PTL
for Designate.

Change is good for projects, and Designate is well overdue for it.[2]

The 4 years (with a 6 month break[3]), 4 or 5 different companies, and 2
API versions were a real experience - we did some great work as a team.

As a project Designate has come a long way from the start, and team over
the years really deserves congratulations. From something that was
an outsider project in Folsem and Grizzly, to having a Trademark program
now, we are in completely different space, and that is a testament to
the wide group of people that have contributed (in terms of code,
but also in running it, reporting bugs, helping us with docs, and
translating it into many different languages)

The project is used by some of the largest installs of OpenStack, and
provides really useful service for cloud environments.

We do have some work left to do, and as "cloud native" evolves,
Designate will as well.

I am not going to disappear - I still will be around to work on the
project, explain why we did somethings that look weird[4], and help
people set it up,  but just not as a PTL.

If anyone has any questions on what the role entails, or are interested
but want some more info, please reach out, via email, mugsie on
freenode, or on the #openstack-dns channel

Thanks everyone,

- Graham

1 - In 7 years, we have had 3 PTLs, and one of them was for a single
2 -
https://opendev.org/openstack/election/raw/branch/master/candidates/train/Designate/gr at ham.ie
3 - thanks timsim for giving me a break :)
4 - Most of the time, its my fault

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