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[tc] Release naming process

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 09:15:46AM -0700, James E. Blair wrote:
> Hi,
> In the previous thread about the U release name, we discussed how the
> actual process for selecting the name has diverged from the written
> process.  I think it's important that we follow our own processes, so we
> should reconcile those.  We should change our actions or change the
> process.
> Based on the previous discussion, I've proposed 6 changes to
> openstack/governance for some initial feedback.  We can, of course,
> tweak these options, eliminate them, or add new ones.
> Ultimately, we're aiming for the TC to formally vote on one or a small
> number of changes similar to these.
> I'd like for anyone interested in this to review these options and leave
> feedback on the changes themselves, or here on the mailing list.  Either
> is fine, and all will be considered.  Leaving "code-review" votes on the
> changes themselves will help us gauge relative support for the different
> options.
> In a week, I'll collect the feedback and propose a next step.
> https://review.opendev.org/675788 - Stop naming releases

This!,  well A variation.  I suggest 'Twenty' not '20'

The process used to be fun.  It isn't any more.  This specific instance
has created several rifts in our community, hurt feelings and more than
a little stress.

Apart from that as we have fewer developers it takes resources that are
now better spent elsewhere.

Yes it will make some of out tooling that assumes alphabetical order a
little strange but not too bad, and we were going to have to fix that
soon anyway.

Yours Tony.
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