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[horizon] Horizon's openstack_auth is completely broken with Django 2.2, breaking all the dashboad stack in Debian Sid/Bullseye


Django 2.2 was uploaded to Debian Sid/Bullseye a few days after Buster
was released, removing at the same time any support for Python 2. This
broke lots of packages, but I managed to upload more than 40 times to
fix the situation. Though Horizon is still completely broken.

There's a bunch of issues related to Django 2.2 for Horizon. I managed
to patch Horizon for a few of them, but there's one bigger issue which I
can't solve myself, because I'm not skilled enough in Django, and don't
know enough about Horizon's internal. Let me explain.

In Django 1.11, the login() function in openstack_auth/views.py was
deprecated in the favor of a LoginView class. In Django 2.2, the login()
function is now not supported anymore. This means that, if
openstack_auth/views.py doesn't get rewritten completely, Horizon will
continue to be completely broken in Debian Sid/Bullseye.

Unfortunately, the Horizon team is understaffed, and the PTL told me
that they don't plan anything before Train+1.

As a consequence, Horizon is completely broken in Debian Sid/Bullseye,
and will stay as it is if nobody steps up for the work.

After a month and a half with this situation not being solved by anyone,
I'm hereby calling for help.

I could attempt to work on this, though I need help and pointers at some
example implementation of this. It'd be nicer if someone more skilled
than me in Django was working on this anyways.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)