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[openstack-dev][magnum] Using Fedora Atomic 29 for k8s cluster

On 2019-08-24 08:00:41 +1200 (+1200), feilong at catalyst.net.nz wrote:
> Firstly, I don't know when Fedora Atomic 29 will EOL at this
> moment, given the Fedora CoreOS 30 is still in testing status.
> I'm saying at this moment, in production, user can use Fedora
> Atomic 29.

I see. In the past, Fedora versions have reached EOL around 13
months from their initial release:


Fedora 29 was released (slightly behind schedule) at the end of
October 2018:


This means it's likely to be EOL at the end of November 2019,
roughly 6 weeks after we plan to release Train:


If users of the Train release of Magnum are expected to rely on a
feature which will only be available in Fedora 29, then basically
Magnum will only have a viability of 6 weeks after Train releases
before those users are stuck running a release of Fedora which has
no security support from Red Hat. The development cycle for Train is
rapidly approaching the station, if you'll forgive the simile, with
coordinated feature freeze only 2 weeks away now. It would be
unfortunate for Magnum to release something nobody can safely use,
and it looks to me like time is running out if we want to avoid

I sincerely hope I'm missing some important detail in all of this,
and am eager to find out what it is.
Jeremy Stanley
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