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[openstack-dev][magnum] Using Fedora Atomic 29 for k8s cluster

On 2019-08-24 03:20, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2019-08-23 10:58:11 -0400 (-0400), Mohammed Naser wrote:
> [...]
>> Neat!  I think it's important for us to get off Fedora Atomic given
>> that RedHat seems to be ending it soon.  Is the plan to move towards
>> Fedora CoreOS 30 or has there been consideration of using something
>> like an Ubuntu-base (and leveraging something like kubeadm+ansible to
>> drive the deployment?)-
> This seems like it's particularly time-sensitive as Fedora 29 will
> be EOL and no longer receiving security fixes within just a few
> short months from now.

If it's not fixed before Train is finalized,
> you're basically releasing an unusable service since it will pretty
> much immediately be depending on an insecure distribution nobody
> wants to put into production, right?

I don't think so. Devstack is just a dev environment. If you're going to 
use FA29 on production, then you can set the properties on image/flavor 
for your prod.