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[all][api-sig] Update on SIG status and seeking guidance from the community

hello all,

I am writing on behalf of the API-SIG to update the community on our
status. We have recently learned that Ed Leafe will be leaving the
membership of the SIG as his new working circumstances are pulling him
away from this work. This will leave us with only 2 active members,
Dmitry Tantsur and myself.

Firstly, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Ed. thank you =)

I believe that Ed is the longest standing member of the SIG, having
been active from the days when it was just a smol working group. His
contributions have been numerous over the years and his guidance and
wisdom will be missed.

Second, this change in our membership has given rise to some questions
about the future of the SIG and how we might best serve the OpenStack

We currently hold an office hour each week and see relatively low
traffic during this hour. Our activities have mainly been focused on
writing and maintaining the guidelines and the support structure
around those guidelines. As most of the new writing has ended (there
are a few still in flight), we have been paying most of our attention
to maintenance and supporting the community.

As our ability to maintain an active membership has diminished, and
many of our initial goals met, we have started to question whether we
should still maintain the "SIG" status and also how we might best
serve the community going forward. We will still need core members to
review and approve changes, but perhaps we should adjust our workflow
to be of greater service.

I don't have any answers to this more existential question about the
SIG, but we as a group felt it was a good idea to reach out to the
wider community for advice and guidance. So, what do you all have to
say? What would you like to see from the API-SIG moving forward?
Should we re-evaluate the purpose of this group and how it relates to
the OpenStack community?

thank you all for the wonderful spirit of openness that we build with,
and thanks for listening.

and lastly, thanks again to Ed. You have acted as an example of the
best aspects of open collaboration.

peace o/