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[election] Coordination + Prep

Hello Election Officials! (and anyone else curious about running elections
:) )

Next week we are set to get this party started. Things that need to happen
before then:

1. Election season email to the ML-- we have a template for this, but it
and all the other emails this run will need to be tweaked (or we add new
ones for this combined election type <-- I'm in favor of this approach in
case we do this again in the future).

2. Patch to set up U nominations directories-- We don't have the next
release name settled so I guess we just go for 'U' and we can update it

3. Patch to update officials list on site-- I will need to be removed
because I won't be able to help with the actual election this round, but I
am here to advise if you need anything.

...I could be missing things, but that's for sure what I know we need to
accomplish before the start date and the actual nominations kickoff email.

For reference, here is the general process that we run though[1]. That
being said, things are a bit different this time since we are running the
elections simultaneously. We should probably add a section for what happens
when we have to run them in parallel (same vein as writing new email
templates for the combined election).

-Kendall (diablo_rojo)

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