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[all] [tc] [docs] [release] [ptls] Docs as SIG: Ownership of docs.openstack.org

> Yes, my understanding was that the release team would only own the
> site 
> generation and associated cycle-tied mechanics. I felt like that was 
> akin to "releasing the docs" (whatever they end up containing), and
> at 
> this point docs are just a specific form of project team deliverable.

 +1 that's how I see it too

> We 
> have to care for those things getting done as part of the release
> cycle 
> anyway.
> It's not a great fit, but it's probably not the worst either. And
> there 
> aren't that many alternatives solutions (the TC would arguably be a 
> worse fit).
On another note, the transition of docs to a SIG means we need to
thoroughly define what a SIG is. JP and I discussed this offline, and
provided our thoughts on Rico's creating the comparison of offical
group structures document [1]. At this point in time, I see the
definition as being too vague to truly be able to adopt docs and other
projects that may inevitably want to do the same thing.

Discussion is welcomed on the patch.

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/668093/

Alexandra Settle <a.settle at outlook.com>
IRC: asettle