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[ALL][UC] Train EC Election - nomination results, and what is going on

Hello all,

As announced [1-2], the UC nomination period was from August 5 - August 
16, 2019, and as the election officials, we would like to share the 
result, as well as  the next steps. This was discussed by the User 
Committee yesterday [3]:

     - There was one UC candidacy [4]. The candicacy has been validated 
and election official announce that "Mohamed Elsakhawy" will serve on 
the UC. Congratulations!
     - There will be no election since there was only one candicate out 
of two positions for this election.
     - There were discussions during the UC meeting [3] yesterday, and 
the UC decided to have a second, special election for another seat 
within the timeframe spelled out in the charter.
       The same election officials will work, and the officials and UC 
members are discussing a feasible time frame for the election.

As mentioned, the upcoming election is *special*, so please pay 
attention for more election information.
The election officials will post an email soon with more details on 
upcoming special UC election.

Thank you,

- Ed & Ian