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[all][infra] Zuul logs are in swift

I am really glad to see the improvements on the log browsing UX.

Can we also add address few other issues? like:

a) auto-wrap long lines, even your link is a perfect example of endless horizontal bar created by pip requirements line. log should never need horizontal scrolling in browser.
b) coloring in logs?
c) auto hiding/collapsing the timestamp column -- it is boilerplate in most cases taking 20% entire screen real estate. same info could be visible as tooltip 
d) shorter urls?  do we really need "602ab1629aca4f4ebe21ff7024884f87" as build number of we can get around with 3-6 chars? -- i always need to horizontally scroll the URL bar to see the file I am on.

PS. I am more than willing to invest some of my personal time on addressing these.

> On 16 Aug 2019, at 21:49, James E. Blair <corvus at inaugust.com> wrote:
> All of the fixes to the issues that Eric identified have landed, so you
> should see them now (if not, hit reload).
> Plus a couple more -- log lines are now displayed with line numbers, and
> it is these numbers which are the clickable links to create links for
> sharing.
> Tristan also added a feature to support selecting a range.  Click the
> first line number to start the range, then Shift-click it to select the
> end.
> For example:
> http://zuul.openstack.org/build/602ab1629aca4f4ebe21ff7024884f87/log/job-output.txt#456-464
> -Jim