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[all] [tc] [docs] [release] [ptls] Docs as SIG: Ownership of docs.openstack.org

On 2019-08-19 12:49:41 -0500 (-0500), Sean McGinnis wrote:
> there seems to be a big difference between owning the task of
> configuring the site for the next release (which totally makes
> sense as a release team task) and owning the entire
> docs.openstack.org site.

That's why I also requested clarification in my earlier message on
this thread. The vast majority of the content hosted under
https://docs.openstack.org/ is maintained in a distributed fashion
by the various teams writing documentation in their respective
projects. The hosting (configuration apart from .htaccess files,
storage, DNS, and so on) is handled by Infra/OpenDev folks. If it's
*just* the stuff inside the "www" tree in the openstack-manuals repo
then that's not a lot, but it's also possible what the release team
actually needs to touch in there could be successfully scaled back
even more (with the caveat that I haven't looked through it in
Jeremy Stanley
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