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[all] [tc] [docs] [release] [ptls] Docs as SIG: Ownership of docs.openstack.org

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> >> The suggestion is for the Release Management team is the "least worst"
> >> (thanks, tonyb) place for the website manaagement to land. As Tony
> >> points out, this requires learning new tools and processes but the
> >> individuals working on the docs team currently have no intention to
> >> leave, and are around to help manage this from the SIG.
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> > I'm personally fine with the release team taking this on, but it does seem like
> > an odd fit. I think it would make a lot more sense for the Docs SIG to own the
> > docs site than the release team.
> Thierry has always drawn (one of) the distinction(s) between teams and SIGs as
> being that teams own tasks that are â??part ofâ?? the thing we produce that we call
> OpenStack, while SIGs are less formally part of that input to that production process.
> Updating the docs site every time we have a new release felt like it should
> be part of the formal process, and definitely not something we should leave to
> chance. The cadence made me think the release team could be a good home.
> Itâ??s 95% automated now, for what thatâ??s worth. I imagine someone could automate the step of
> adding the new series pages, although Iâ??m not sure what the trigger would be.
> We could also look at other ways to build the site that donâ??t require any action
> each cycle, of course, including not updating it at all and only publishing docs
> out of master. Thatâ??s especially appealing if we donâ??t have anyone in the
> community willing and able to pick up the work.

This is a little different scope though, isn't it? Maybe I misunderstood the
original proposal, but to me there seems to be a big difference between owning
the task of configuring the site for the next release (which totally makes
sense as a release team task) and owning the entire docs.openstack.org site.