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[all] [tc] [docs] [release] [ptls] Docs as SIG: Ownership of docs.openstack.org

On 2019-08-19 13:17:35 +0000 (+0000), Alexandra Settle wrote:
> Doug has rightfully pointed out that whilst the documentation team
> as it stands today is no longer "integral", the docs.openstack.org
> web site is. An owner is required.
> The suggestion is for the Release Management team is the "least
> worst" (thanks, tonyb) place for the website manaagement to land.
> As Tony points out, this requires learning new tools and processes
> but the individuals working on the docs team currently have no
> intention to leave, and are around to help manage this from the
> SIG.
> Open to discussion and suggestions, but to summarise the proposal
> here:
> docs.openstack.org ownership is to transition to be the
> responsibility of the Release Management team officially provided
> there are no strong objections.

The prose above is rather vague on what "the docs.openstack.org web
site" entails. Inferring from Doug's comments on 657142, I think you
and he are referring specifically to the content in the
subtree. Is that pretty much it? The Apache virtual host
configuration and filesystem hosting the site itself are managed by
the Infra/OpenDev team, and there aren't any plans to change that as
far as I'm aware.
Jeremy Stanley
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