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[cyborg] [nova] [placement] Shelve/unshelve behavior

   I tested various instance operations using the Nova patch series for Cyborg integration [1].

Many of them worked as expected: pause/unpause, lock/unlock, rescue/unrescue, etc. That is, the application in the VM can successfully offload to the accelerator device before and after the sequence.

Suspend fails with the Libvirt error: "Domain has assigned non-USB devices." I think this is known behavior.

But, shelve/shelve-offloaded/unshelve sequence shows two discrepancies:
* After shelve, the instance is shut off in Libvirt but is shown as ACTIVE in 'openstack server list'.
* After unshelve, the PCI VF gets re-attached on VM startup and the application inside the VM can access the accelerator device. However, 'openstack resource provider usage show <rp-uuid>' shows the RC usage as 0, i.e., there seems to be no claim in Placement for the resource in use.

After shelve, the instance transitions to 'shelve-offloaded' automatically after the configured time interval. The resource class usage is 0. This part is good. But, after the unshelve, one would think the usage would be bumped up automatically.

P.S.: Still investigating hard reboots and start/stop operations.

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+bp/nova-cyborg-interaction


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