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How are we managing quotas, flavors, projects and more across large org Openstack deployments?


I am a complete neophyte to this forum so I may have missed any earlier
discussions on this topic if there have been any?

I am currently working on a proprietary legacy (Django based) "OpenStack
Operations Manager" dashboard system that attempts to manage quotas,
flavors, clusters and more across a very large distributed OpenStack
deployment for multiple customers.

There are a number of potential shortcomings with our current dashboard
system and I was wondering how other teams in other organizations with
similar large Openstack deployments are handling these types of system
management issues? The issues addressed are likely common to other large

In particular what tools might exist upstream that allow system
(particularly quota and flavor) management across large distributed
Openstack environments?

I welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions and any other information
regarding the tools that currently exist or may be planned for this purpose?


Robert Lennie
Principal Software Engineer
Verizon Media
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