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[all][infra] Zuul logs are in swift

>     - Hot tip: if you want the dynamic logs (with timestamp links and sev
>     filters), use the twisties. Clicking through gets you to the raw files.
> Unfamiliar with the term "twisties" and googling didn't help - what do
> you mean?

Sorry about that.

On the left-hand side next to the folder names there's an icon that
looks like '>'.

If you click on the folder, it pops you into a regular directory browser
with none of the whizbang anchoring/filtering features.

But if instead you click the '>', it rotates downward ('v') and expands
the directory tree in place. Keep navigating until you get to the file
you want, and then click on the file (not 'raw') to open it within the