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[all][infra] Zuul logs are in swift

Eric Fried <openstack at fried.cc> writes:

> - Hot tip: if you want the dynamic logs (with timestamp links and sev
> filters), use the twisties. Clicking through gets you to the raw files.
> The former was not obvious to me.

Good point; we should work on the UI for that.

> - Some in-app logs aren't working. E.g. when I try to look at
> controller=>logs=>screen-n-cpu.txt.gz from [1], it redirects me to [2].
> The hover [3] has a double slash in it, not sure if that's related, but
> when I try squashing to one slash, I get an error... sometimes [4].
> - When the in-app logs do render, they don't wrap. There's a horizontal
> scroll bar, but it's at the bottom of an inner frame, so it's off the
> screen most of the time and therefore not useful. (I don't have
> horizontal mouse scroll capabilities; maybe I should look into that.)
> - The timestamp links in app anchor the line at the "top" - which (for
> me, anyway) is "underneath" the header menu (Status Projects Jobs Labels
> Nodes Builds Buildsets), so I have to scroll up to get the anchored line
> and a few of its successors.

Thanks!  Fixes for all of these (plus one more: making the log text
easier to select for copy/paste) are in-flight.