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[nova] NUMA live migration is ready for review and testing

On 8/9/2019 4:11 PM, Artom Lifshitz wrote:
> tl;dr If you care about NUMA live migration, check out [1] and test in
> in your env(s), or review it.

As I've said in IRC a few times, this feature was mentioned (at the last 
summit/PTG in Denver) as being critical for the next StarlingX release 
so I'd really hope the StarlingX community can help review and test 
this. I know there was some help from WindRiver in Stein which uncovered 
some issues, so it would be good to have that same kind of attention 
here. Feature freeze for Train is less than a month away (Sept 12).

> So if you care about NUMA-aware live migration and have some spare
> time and hardware (if you're in the former category I don't think I
> need to explain what kind of hardware - though I'll try to answer
> questions as best I can), I would greatly appreciate it if you
> deployed the patches and tested them. I've done that myself, of
> course, but, as at the end of Stein, I'm sure there are edge cases
> that I didn't think of (though I'm selfishly hoping that there
> aren't).

Again the testing here with real hardware is key, and that's something 
I'd hope Intel/WindRiver/StarlingX folk can help with since I personally 
don't have a lab sitting around available for NUMA testing. Since we 
won't have third party CI for this feature, it's going to be important 
that at least someone is hitting this with a real environment, ideally 
with mixed Stein and Train compute services as well to make sure it 
behaves properly during rolling upgrades.