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[question][placement][rest api][403]

On 8/15/2019 1:09 AM, å´?æ??é¦? wrote:
> This is my problem with placement rest api.(Token and endpoint were OK)
>          {"errors": [{"status": 403,
>                           "title": "Forbidden",
> "detail": "Access was denied to this resource.\n\n Policy does not allow 
> placement:resource_providers:list to be performed.  ",
>                           "request_id": 
> "req-5b409f22-7741-4948-be6f-ea28c2896a3f"
>                          }]}

This doesn't give much information. Does the token have the admin role 
in it? Has the placement:resource_providers:list policy rule been 
changed from the default (rule:admin_api)?