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creating instances, haproxy eats CPU, glance eats RAM

Hello Ruslanas and thank you for the response. I didn't see it until now! I have given some responses inline...

On 1/8/19 3:57 pm, Ruslanas Gžibovskis wrote:
> when in newton release were introduced role separation, we divided memory hungry processes into 4 different VM's on 3 physical boxes:
> 1) Networker: all Neutron agent processes (network throughput)
> 2) Systemd: all services started by systemd (Neutron)
> 3) pcs: all services controlled by pcs (Galera + RabbitMQ)
> 4) horizon

We have separated each control plane service (Glance, Neutron, Cinder, etc) onto its own VM. We are considering containers instead of VMs in future.

> Gregory > do you have local storage for swift and cinder background?

Our Cinder and Glance use Ceph as backend. No Swift installed.

> also double check where _base image is located? is it in /var/lib/nova/instances/_base/* ? and flavor disks stored in /var/lib/nova/instances ? (can check on compute by: virsh domiflist instance-00000## )

domiflist shows the VM's interface - how does that help?