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[release] Release countdown for week R-8, August 19-23

Your long awaited countdown email...

Development Focus

It's probably a good time for teams to take stock of their library and client
work that needs to be completed yet. The non-client library freeze is coming
up, followed closely by the client lib freeze. Please plan accordingly to avoid
any last minute rushes to get key functionality in.

General Information
Looking ahead to Train-3, please be aware of the feature freeze dates. Those
vary depending on deliverable type:

* General libraries (except client libraries) need to have their last feature
  release before Non-client library freeze (September 05). Their stable
  branches are cut early.

* Client libraries (think python-*client libraries) need to have their last
  feature release before Client library freeze (September 12)

* Deliverables following a cycle-with-rc model (that would be most services)
  observe a Feature freeze on that same date, September 12. Any feature
  addition beyond that date should be discussed on the mailing-list and get PTL

* After feature freeze, cycle-with-rc deliverables need to produce a first
  release candidate (and a stable branch) before RC1 deadline (September 26)

* Deliverables following cycle-with-intermediary model can release as
  necessary, but in all cases before Final RC deadline (October 10)

Finally, now is a good time to list contributors to your team who do not have a
code contribution, and therefore won't automatically be considered an Active
Technical Contributor and allowed to vote in election. This is done by adding
extra-atcs to:


before the Extra-ATC freeze on August 29.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates
Extra-ATC freeze: August 29 (R-7 week)
Non-client library freeze: September 05 (R-6 week)
Client library freeze: September 12 (R-5 week)
Train-3 milestone: September 12 (R-5 week)

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)