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[ansible][openstack-ansible][tripleo][kolla-ansible] Ansible SIG

Hi everyone,

One of the things that came up recently was collaborating more with
other deployment tools and this has brought up things like working
together on our Ansible roles as more and more deployments tools start
to use it.  However, as we start to practice this, we realize that a
project team ownership starts not making much sense (due to the fact
that a project can only be under one team in governance).

It starts being confusing when a role is built by OSA, and consumed by
TripleO, so the PTL is from another team and it all starts getting
weird and odd, so we discussed the creation of an Ansible SIG for
those who are interested in maintaining code across our community
together that would be consumed together.

We already have some deliverables that can live underneath it which is
pretty awesome too, so I'm emailing this to ask for interested parties
to speak up if they're interested and to mention that we're more than
happy to have other co-chairs that are intersted.

I've submitted the initial patch here: https://review.opendev.org/676428

Thank you,