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[tripleo][openstack-ansible] Integrating ansible-role-collect-logs in OSA


I've started to split the logs collection tasks in small tasks [1] in order
to allow other users to choose what exactly they want to collect.
For example, if you don't need the openstack information, or if you don't
care about networking, etc.

Please take a look.

I'll also add it on the OSA agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

Kind regards,

1 - https://review.opendev.org/#/c/675858/

On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 8:44 AM Jean-Philippe Evrard <
jean-philippe at evrard.me> wrote:

> Sorry for the late answer...
> On Wed, 2019-07-10 at 12:12 -0600, Wesley Hayutin wrote:
> >
> > These are of course just passed in as extra-config.  I think each
> > project would want to define their own list of files and maintain it
> > in their own project.  WDYT?
> Looks good. We can either clean up the defaults, or OSA can just
> override the defaults, and it would be good enough. I would say that
> this can still be improved later, after OSA has started using the role
> too.
> > It simple enough. But I am happy to see a different approach.
> Simple is good!
> > Any thoughts on additional work that I am not seeing?
> None :)
> >
> > Thanks for responding! I know our team is very excited about the
> > continued collaboration with other upstream projects, so thanks!!
> >
> Likewise. Let's reduce tech debt/maintain more code together!
> Regards,
> Jean-Philippe Evrard (evrardjp)


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