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[nova] NUMA live migration is ready for review and testing

tl;dr If you care about NUMA live migration, check out [1] and test in
in your env(s), or review it.

Over the months that I've worked on NUMA LM, I've been pinged by
various folks that were interested in helping out. At this point I've
addressed all the issues that were found at the end of the Stein
cycle, and the series is ready for review and testing, with the aim of
getting it merged in Train (for real this time).

So if you care about NUMA-aware live migration and have some spare
time and hardware (if you're in the former category I don't think I
need to explain what kind of hardware - though I'll try to answer
questions as best I can), I would greatly appreciate it if you
deployed the patches and tested them. I've done that myself, of
course, but, as at the end of Stein, I'm sure there are edge cases
that I didn't think of (though I'm selfishly hoping that there

I believe the series is also ready for review, though I haven't put it
in the runway queue just yet because the last functional test patch is
still a WIP, as I need to fiddle with it to assert more things.

Thanks in advance, cheers!

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672595/8